Sunday, September 29, 2013

Going offline for awhile...and considering a shutdown.

Dear friends, family and all you other folk who aren't sure which category you fall in...I'm tired.  I’ve spent countless hours of my life keeping various profiles, pages and postings up to date…read or checked…and I’m tired.  Yes, I realize that my line of work used to pretty much predicate to being connected all the time, but…I’m not that type of administrator anymore.  It is with that thought that I make this statement:  I’m going to unplug for awhile.  Don’t think that I’ve completely abandoned you all…I’ll still answer texts and I’m going to check my email at the end of the day when things wind down…and if all else fails…you might actually try calling me if you need something!  I’ll still be alive…just not here, or on any of my online accounts for that matter, for awhile…in face, I’m probably going to shut down most of them since I rarely use them.  At this point in my rough draft, I had this big long explanation about why I was taking a break and then I realized that it was self defeating.  If you all want to know the reason, you’ll have to get it from me…socially.
I’m going to leave this up until Monday night…at that point, I will check it one last time and then suspend my account UFN…at least a week or so