Sunday, January 13, 2008

America's Pastime......the blame game.

This post is a few days late...and I apologize, but I do have other things to deal with in my life other than pointing out the idiocy that has become modern culture. I will try my best though :D

A few days ago I came across an article on CNN's website informing the world that a golf announcer had said something about Tiger Woods that could (note I used the word could) have been construed as containing racial overtones. She apologize and Tiger accepted...'nuff said, unless you happen to be a fat loudmouthed "preacher" named Al Sharpton.

Sharpton, in my opinion, thrives on the tension he creates by drawing attention to what I consider "light" incidents and turning them into public grandstand fiascoes. Pounding his chest and claiming to represent "the downtrodden" he is living proof that if you beat a dead horse long enough, it may eventually be nudged an inch. While he claims to be a peaceful and honorable man, he has been caught on record as speaking inflammatory comments about Jews, Mormons and anyone that is not black.....but this does not make him a racist bigot. Now I'm confused.

The moment someone speaks out against Sharpton, they are automatically labeled as a racist and portrayed in media political cartoons as a Klan loving skinhead. So....I guess racial pride is OK as long as it's disguised with the cover story of being support for a minority....but only as long as it's the correct minority.

I've thoroughly confused myself beyond the hope of rescue....and they NyQuil is kicking in.

Friday, January 4, 2008


Monday creeps closer. The day that I return back to classes at the University. While not particularly dreading going back to class, I am however not overly ecstatic about one of the classes.

Let's just say that Ethics is something that I'm not exactly well established in. I'm not a complete horses' ass, but neither am I Gandhi when it comes to certain issues. The more that a group of people politicize themselves....the more I come to loathe them. A good case in point would be gay rights. I was fine with gays before they were a political statement. Now that they are a complete platform for officials looking for election, I have become intolerant in my views to the point of not caring if they have rights or not anymore.

This could be a long semester.....

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Tech Support (?)

Welcome to the new year....and all that happy garbage. As you can tell, my year hasn't exactly started off with an explosion of happiness. My year has started off with a verbal wrestling match with my old dreaded nemesis tech support. Two days ago, upon the recommendation of that nagging HP one care pop up, I updated my computer BIOS...and completely lost everything. The computer went into BootBlock and refused my every request. Alright, no more playing....I got the toolkit out. For those of you who don't know, I'm a Network Student and have worked with this sort of problem before. The only thing lacking would be the ROM files and I should be able to get those from the Internet.....should.

After two days of fruitless searching, I came to the realization that the motherboard in my computer was an OEM from HP and that I would need to get the files from them directly. After waiting in online chat for what seemed to be an eternity...I was connected to "Randall" K. I can only assume that the K stood for an unpronounceable Chinese letter...but I muddled through the initial contact anyway. After pulling my hair completely out..."Randall" finally understood my request....and promptly denied it. Apparently emailing me a 75k file needed to fix my computer would cause the end of the universe in the eyes of the HP godz. Instead I will be sent and empty box in about four days to ship my computer back to...I don't know....Abu Dhabi maybe....for them to load a 75k file that I could've done here...and been a much happier person for it.

Not that I'm bitter or anything.