Sunday, June 21, 2009


Alot has happened since my last post...graduation...Cub Scouts...and...uh...oh yeah...AND ENDLESS STRING OF PROFESSIONAL REJECTIONS!!! I'm not bitter though. I realize that it come with the territory...and by that I mean the area in which I live. If this part of the state were any more would be a third world country. Only one time in my life have I been told that I was "over qualified" for a job and now it has become a constant in my daily existence. The fact that there are so many experienced technicians looking for work has put me into the low end of the hiring spectrum. So here I sit. Too qualified for McDonald's and not experienced enough for Bristol Meyer.

I may cry.


Owl said...

Aw. Hang in there. Something WILL turn up. :)

Abez said...

Welcome back into circulation, Cuz. :) So sorry to hear about being too qualified for G-ma's neck of the woods. Have you thought about maybe moving to some other, larger body part? :)

Is moving an option for ye?