Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Find your way into the world young man...

And so another school season begins. I send Seth off to make his way...watching as he bounces down the stairs and to the bus. You pin all your hopes and dreams to their first day back, only to wish that the summer would have never ended.



Abez said...

Hey, are you staying in G-ma's?!! And you have internet access? Would it be possible to send a letter to her via your email account? ;D

Khalid is only 2.25 years old, but already I'm nervous about him going to school, or nursery or kindergarten or whatever comes first. What if someone bites him? Or he spills food on his shirt? Or what if he freaks out? I don't know if it's any different for fathers, but for this mother, I'm halfway certain I'll be joining him for the first few days. or years maybe. Heh. Maybe we can do our undergrads together? :p